About us.

As the owners and operators of FarmLovers Farmers’ Markets, we would like to introduce ourselves, and give you a little background on what makes our markets so unique.

We are dedicated to the local grower. We do not allow any produce from the mainland, China or elsewhere to be sold at our markets. We are committed to creating and utilizing more sustainable agricultural land, and believe that through supporting local agriculture and the local economy, that more lands will be made available to the small farmer. This is a benefit to our entire island- as the less we must import, the better. We require that all the people selling produce at our market be growers themselves. We visit their farms and see their operations. We want to be of assistance in anyway possible- whether connecting them to available lands, granting opportunities, or other resources. We believe that these men and women are doing a huge service growing the food we eat, and we support their efforts any way possible. We hope that you will come out to our market soon with the goal of discovering just how unique we are!

It is a priority of ours to create a meeting place for the community — young, old and everyone in between: a place of celebration. Each market has a café where patrons gather with their market-purchased food and beverages, listen to live music, and talk-story. We have festivals to celebrate a seasonal crops or cultural themes, such as Hawaii Coffee Fest, Hawaii Cacao Fest, Chile Pepper Festival, and Taro Fest. Vendors will go out of their way to create festive recipes and value added products highlighting that crop. We often have special attractions such as chef demos, book signings, or nutritional demos.