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Farmers’ Market News
June 18 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 24

Aloha FarmLovers!

Are you a lover of fermented foods? Do you know how to make your own, and why they are amazing? Are they part of your daily diet? If not, or if so, please join us at KailuaTown Farmers’ Market for a series of demo’s about fermentation. We start this week with Sauerkraut! Join us as Skya Boudousquie of Ola Loa Wellness teaches us how to make two types of probiotic-rich, live-fermented sauerkraut with locally-grown vegetables.  He will also show us how to keep our market sourdough bread fresh longer using the FoodSaver system. Look for the KTFM booth, and register for free prize giveaways! Look for more ferment-y fun in July & August as we continue our series, made possible by a grant from the Ball Corp.

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Order your pasture raised chickens for Thursday!

Farmers’ Market News
June 4 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 22

Aloha FarmLovers!

in Roof Ranch from the North Shore will be offering organically fed and pasture raised chickens for pick-up this Thursday at Haleiwa Farmers’ Market. These birds play in the open air, peck around the farm and hunt for bugs and are fed organic feed. We love the chicken stock or bone broth we make after eating the chicken. Just put the carcass in a pot of water with an onion, carrot, celery, salt and garlic. Then as it begins to boil add two tablespoons of vinegar to bring out the calcium from the bones. Slow boil for 24 hours and strain. Use this for a base for sauce, gravy, or drink a little each day with one of her eggs whipped in it for egg drop soup. Stock freezes well. Call Tin Roof Ranch ahead to order for pick up… 808-778-9065.

Need your kitchen knives, tools, and scissors sharpened? Bring them to Pearlridge FM this Saturday, or KailuaTown FM on Sunday! Mobile sharpener will be on hand!

Haleiwa Farmers’ Market (Thursday 3-7)
Pearlridge Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
Kakaako Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
KailuaTown Farmers’ Market (Sunday 8:30-12)


Saving a Flour Mill…and Sharpening Knives

Farmers’ Market News
May 28, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 21

Aloha FarmLovers!

Keep Hawaii Flour Mill OPEN for business

Please consider signing the petition to keep the Pendelton Hawaii Flour Mill open.

As food producers who value millrun of wheat for animal feed, along with farmers inoculating it with Indigenous Micro Organisms for use in compost in regenerating the soil, we are in support of Pendleton Hawaii flour mill continuing to do business in Hawaii.
The millrun of wheat as a by product of the milling process is what ranchers use as feed while farmers and gardeners inoculate the millrun with beneficial micro-organisms, recycling the nutrients back onto the farm using Korean natural farming methods. Made into an essential growing medium promoting soil health and vitality while cutting down their cost on imported fertilizers.
We urge you on behalf of local food security to negotiate a solution in keeping them in business here in HI. The negative effect on our local agriculture will be a burden detrimental to our producers.



The Mobile Knife Sharpener will be at the Pearlridge Farmers’ Market this Saturday to sharpen those dull blades! Slice like a pro after those dull blades are brought back into perfect shape! Go through the knife drawer now, and wrap up all those knives in need of TLC and put them in your car, so you have them ready when you arrive on Saturday. He can fix up those scissors and tools, too, if those are in need of a little love.
Mark those calendars…
Coffee Fest is coming to Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market June 28th

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