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For the Love of Farm Dogs

Photography by Brown W. Cannon III

They guard. They herd. One even weeds. Meet the nine hardworking canine companions—and their humans— who wagged their way into our hearts.

Anjelica Locke relies on her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Winston, to chase down runaway chickens on her California farm.

IF DOG IS MAN’S BEST FRIEND, then a farm dog is also his, or her, business partner, pest-control consultant, security guard, even sales rep. Just ask Stan Miklis, who grows organic herbs and flowers in Texas. His miniature Australian Shepherd hams it up to charm farmers market customers out of their cold, hard cash. She’s also stolen Miklis’ warm, soft heart. “I’m lucky that Trophy loves me,” he says. “I’d die without her.”

This kind of rare interspecies bond can be traced back millennia to the moment when the first curious wolf started slinking around a human camp, intuiting that a semi-friendly stance might garner more food scraps than bared teeth. From the get-go, our ancestors shared certain commonalities with canines (both were carnivores who hunted in groups by daylight) that eventually developed into a completely codependent relationship.

It’s safe to say that agriculture—hell, civilization—wouldn’t exist without dogs. They helped us figure out how to domesticate, herd, and protect large numbers of livestock. Over time, we bred Canis lupus familiaris to bring forth characteristics suited to specific tasks. The Dachshund’s long, low body lends itself to dispatching tunneling prey, such as badgers and moles. Massive Maremma Sheepdogs and Great Pyrenees guard vulnerable sheep and goats against attack. Collies, corgis, and shepherds live to corral, well, everything. Keep reading at Modern Farmer.

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