Help a farmer… go with the flow.

Farmers’ Market News
August 26, 2015 – Vol. 7 Issue 33

Aloha FarmLovers!

Summer is in full swing and so is El Nino! This summer we are seeing an abundance of tropical storms… which means lots of water. This can be a wonderful thing for farmers… or it can be a terrible thing. It just depends on what you are growing and how close you are to harvest. That said, you never know what will show up at market. Just today, a farmer friend offered me avocados that she had to pick early because the trees are so wet and heavy. Eating seasonally means you get to go with the flow. So this week when you are at the market, be super nice to your favorite farmers – being huge risk-takers, they have it rough sometimes. Hopefully, all our growers weathered the storm with little to no loss. And if you don’t see your favorite thing at the market, discover something new! See you on the aisles.


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