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National Dog Week is just around the corner… so we are here to celebrate some of the doggies who are historical VIPs on the farm!

Odd Jobs: Four Weird Ways Dogs Have Earned Their Keep

Dogs have been helping out farmers for generations with tasks that humans can’t do. But even in the world of farm dogs there are some gigs that are just plain weird. Here are four odd jobs that pooches have been roped into over the years.

Milk Delivery

A late 19th century photograph from Antwerp, Belgium shows a typical milk cart pulled by dogs. Wikimedia Commons.

Up until the end of the 19th century in Europe, especially Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, dogs were commonly used by farmers to pull small carts full of milk from the country to the city in order to sell it on the street. The animals were also used to haul vegetable and bread carts, and other goods. The practice was banned in England in the mid-1800s as cruel. Around 190o, in Germany, dogs began being replaced by donkeys for this type of work. keep reading

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